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Going Back to Work-
Moms Finding Resistance When Returning

According to Harvard Business Review article "Off-Ramps and On-Ramps - Keeping Talented Women on the Road to Success, " stepping off the career fast track for women is easy...what's not so easy is getting back on. According to the article's authors Silvia Ann Hewlett and Carolyn Buck Luce, many women leave the workforce, or off-ramp, some time in their career. The majority who leave (44%) leave for family have or spend time with their children or care for an elderly parent. Although they off-ramp for relatively short periods of time (an average of 2.2 years), they suffer heavy consequences as a result. Data from a survey that Hewlett and Luce conducted showed that women lost 28% of their earning power when they returned to the business sector and the penalty increased the longer they were out. For women who spent three or more years out of the workforce, they lost an astonishing 37% of their earning power.

Help For Moms Re-Entering the Workforce

Entrepreneur Rita Fisher is helping moms successfully return to the workplace with her company Mom Resumes, which helps Mothers returning to the workforce with professional resume development, job search coaching and interview coaching.

Fisher, a Certified Professional Resume Writer who is a mother of two, said she knows there is a great need among Mothers planning to re-enter the workforce for some professional guidance and encouragement on issues relating to the job search process.

"Mothers who have been out of the workforce for a time feel so intimidated and discouraged about the job search game and they don’t know what to do when “Mother” is on their resume,” said Fisher. “My goal is to give guidance to them for the successful navigation of the ever-changing maze of resume writing standards and styles along with the intricacies of the job interview process.”

Moms returning to the workforce are a unique group that face especially tough challenges, such as the fear of alienating employers because of the gaps on their resumes and the lack of know-how in creating a powerful resume despite child-rearing gaps.

According to Fisher, another problem area for Moms – who are notorious about downplaying their achievements – is identifying transferable skills gained from volunteer work, unpaid assignments, and project-based work and translating these skills into meaningful work histories in the context of a professional resume.

Fisher hopes to empower Moms in their job search process by giving them tools, resources, guidance, encouragement and help whether they are looking for a part-time position, a flextime / job sharing arrangement, a project-based assignment or a full-time job.

Mom Resumes provides professional resume writing, job search and interview coaching help for Moms returning to the workforce.

Before founding Mom Resumes, Rita Fisher built two other resume writing services: Resume Writing For Pros and Best Career Change Resumes. She received her Certified Professional Resume Writer education from the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. She has received publicity for her work with job seekers on the Oprah Winfrey Show, in McCall's magazine and in other media sources. Her professional resume writing work has been featured in "Gallery of Best Resumes" a book by Jist Publishing. For further information on Mom Resumes, visit or call 812-342-7978.

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